Rosso - Prussi / 28-kullen

Noble Art Royal Reward (Rosso)



Jackdow's Superb Dreamaker (Prussi)




Noble Art Royal Reward NUCH Taa Palati's Don Crisando Finch's Stars N' Stripes
Taa Palati's Quirre Wirre Qitt
Noble Art Echo Of Fashion DKUCH INTUCH NORDUCH Finch's Walkon The Wild Side
NUCH SUCH Toybox Illusion of Silver
Jackdow's Superb Dreamaker N DK SUCH Ta Bozi Little
Dreamaker Of Lenette
AM CH Charming Prince Of Lenette
Clairmont's Glamour Girl
SUCH Cimarosas Qualité Superbe INTUCH Mulahi's Gemeni

SUCH Cimarosas Never Let It Go


Jackdow's Superb Uniqe Design (Bosse)
Ägare: Therese Windalh, Uppsala
Jackdow's Superb Magnificent Design (Ailo)
Ägare: Marit Lillegård Fauske, Norge
Jackdow's Superb Excellent Design (Ellen)
Ägare: Jackdow's
Jackdow's Superb Exclusive Design (Mimmi)
Ägare: Lena Modin, Sollefteå